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Our Mission is Skin Longevity - Create Skin for Life

Join me with Dr. Laurena Law for our 6 week online Masterclass to learn how to slow the signs of aging skin.

Our Masterclass Kit will provide you with everything you need to create healthy, strong skin at any age. From science-backed skin care products, to nutritional supplements and the latest devices - we've got you covered!

In our live, weekly online class, we will help you develop a skin care routine that works for you and will empower you to form healthy habits. With support from our community, we will keep you accountable for reaching your skin goals.

Masterclass: Services


Based in science, tested for efficacy

In your Masterclass Kit, you will receive a full size Epicutis serum, Epicutis creme and 5 growth factor microneedling serums from AnteAGE.

Epicutis is professional grade skincare that is EWG certified, proven to reduce inflammation and strengthen your skin barrier.  With patented ingredients like TSC developed by Princeton scientists, your skin is in good hands.

AnteAGE is the leader in growth factor skin care - which means these microneedling serums are some of the most scientifically advanced on the market. Using these serums in conjunction with microneedling will transform your skin at the cellular level.

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Molecules to support skin health

Healthy, strong skin starts within. While we don't always get what we need from our diet, nutritional supplements can simplify our already busy lives. In order to complete the all-important task of cellular turnover, your skin requires a broad spectrum of vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and minerals. Your Masterclass Kit will include a 60 day supply of hydrolyzed collagen powder, liposomal vitamin C, probiotics and vitamins A, D and K. These supplements are perfect for restoring healthy skin function, but also support overall physical health.


Everything you need to maintain healthy skin at home

There are more skincare devices on the market now than ever before. Choosing the right ones can be confusing and risky. We've taken the guesswork out of skincare devices. As part of your Masterclass Kit, you will receive a red LED panel to boost your collagen production and a dermaroller to help your skincare ingredients do their job. Don't worry - we're going to walk you through how to operate these devices safely!


Want to learn more about our six-week Functional Skin Masterclass and Masterclass Kit? Book a call today.

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Six Weeks of Live Online Courses

Here are some examples of what you can expect to learn when you sign up for our Functional Skin Masterclass


Identifying your skincare goals and creating habits


How to pair active ingredients and strengthen your skin barrier


Understanding the impact of lifestyle and hormones in skin health


Introduction to skin anatomy and cellular renewal


We explain the difference between pharmaceutical injectables and regenerative aesthetics


Taking your skincare game to the next level and finding a practitioner you can trust

Masterclass: Projects


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Medical Doctor
Masterclass Facilitator

As a medical doctor with training in Functional Medicine, I believe wellness requires a holistic approach. While I treat my patients with injectables and laser for skin issues, I also develop coaching programs to address gut health and hormone imbalance.

When Jill approached me about teaching a Functional Skin Health Masterclass, I was intrigued because coaching using functional medicine principles is my passion. So often I don't have enough face time with my patients to develop a long term plan to achieve their skin goals. This six week Masterclass will give us the chance to explore what works for you, how to develop lasting habits and why caring for our skin (our largest organ!) is not vanity, but a paramount matter of health.

I look forward to getting to know you and answering all of your questions about functional skin health!


Founder of Collagen Lab
Masterclass Facilitator

When I left my career as a lawyer, I knew I wanted to do something different. I was fascinated by the growing field of regenerative aesthetics, yet I didn't know many medical practitioners who offered these treatments. Now, I teach clinicians about the powerful regenerative potential of platelet rich fibrin, which contains growth factors and stem cells with many healing properties.

When I met Dr. Law, we spoke the same language - we knew people were looking for more than fillers and Botox in their pursuit of healthy skin. We both agreed that skin health is an indicator of overall health and education on this issue was lacking. After working together for several months on different projects, Dr. Laurena and I have developed a system for functional skin health that can improve skin at any age.

As part of my work with Collagen Lab, I've discovered some incredible companies making skin care products that are vastly ahead of what you'd find at your luxury department store. I can't wait to share them with you! 

I truly hope you'll join us for our Functional Skin Masterclass - you're going to learn a lot about skin health, meet some amazing people in your community and you'll have all the tools for creating the best skin of your life.

Masterclass: Team Members
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